If you’re not sure how to get going with health and safety,
health & safety audits are an ideal place to start for a broad range of safety issues.

We can offer practical support to your business as our experience in the workplace has been extremely hands on. We have experience in working and advising waste management & recycling sites, commercial vehicle workshops, public services, manufacturing companies, tradesman, joiners, contract cleaning and offices.

Health & Safety Audits are a good place to start!

Health and Safety audits

Health and safety legislation requires all employers to provide healthy and safe conditions for employers to work in. A health and safety audit will establish the health and safety status of your organisation.

We will write a full report with advice on how to get it right with a priority list.

A health and safety audit can be very useful when establishing whether Health & Safety Training has actually worked and whether employees are observing health and safety practises at work.

Periodical health and safety audits are an effective way of monitoring the safety performance of the business and observing what is really happening in the work place.

Accidents DO NOT just happen; they can be prevented!

Health & Safety Management is all about Planning before you act and then stopping and thinking about the safest way to do a job.  The tricky and most important bit is getting people to ACT & BEHAVE in the safest way possible; this is what prevents accidents.

Health & Safety systems that suit individual needs, ensure good compliance and ensure you meet your “Duty of Care” responsibilities under the law and help to protect your Company from prosecution.

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